Schools History

Previous  to  the  completion  of  the  convent  at  the  end  of  1876,  the  Sisters  had  been  teaching  in  the  stables  of  Saint  Michael’s  presbytery,  and  when  the  numbers  could  no  longer  be  accommodated  there,  in  the  church  building  of  Saint  Michael’s  itself.

Once  the  convent  was  finished,  two  schools  were  inaugurated,  one  free,  St  Mary’s,  and  one  fee  paying,  St.  Brigid’s.  This,  as  well  as  the  teaching  of  music,  was  done  as  a  means  for  the  Sisters  to  be  able  to  support  themselves.

Since  then,  there  have  been  seven  schools  on  the  site.

ST MARY’S SCHOOL 1877 – 1973

In 1877 St. Mary’s School was opened in the new Sacred Heart Presentation Convent.

It initially operated in the lower floor of the western wing of the convent.

In 1915 St Mary’s was moved into three classrooms beneath the newly built chapel.

In 1934 a new primary school was built in the grounds south of the chapel and became known as St. Mary’s Primary School. It closed in 1973. The building was then utilised by Trinity, Mount Erin and now Kildare.

ST BRIGID’S SCHOOL 1877 – 1892

St Brigid’s was established in 1877 and situated in the convent upstairs and directly above St. Mary’s School.

In 1890 St Brigid’s moved to the new Boarding School building at the eastern end of the convent.

In 1892 St Brigid’s was renamed St Eugene’s School.


St Agnes’ Kindergarten was built in 1901 to accommodate 40 children. It was located behind the western wing of the convent.

In 1934 St Agnes’ became part of the new St Mary’s Primary School.

ST EUGENE’S SCHOOL 1892 – 1937

St Eugene’s was opened in 1892 and situated on the ground floor of the new Boarding School.

In 1905 and 1908 Boarding School additions were built and St Eugene’s occupied the ground floors.

It existed as a primary and high school catering mainly for girls – and boys up to Year 2. It closed in 1937.

In 1938 St Eugene’s was renamed Mount Erin High School.


In 1938 the new Mount Erin High School building facing Edmondson Street was opened. It offered five years of secondary education to girls.

Below students Therese McAuley, Noeline Lavin and Anne Rava take music tuition in 1952

In 1962 a southern wing was built as secondary education extended to six years.

In 1972 a new library and science laboratories were built.

1968 – 2003 Mount Erin High School catered for girls in Years 7 – 10.

Many young ladies from Wagga Wagga and surrounds have been educated at Mount Erin High School. We have many historical photos of classes from days gone by. Some, such as the one below, have no year or names attached. Perhaps you can see yourself and your classmates in the photo below.

In 2003 Mount Erin High School combined with Trinity Senior High School and St Michael’s Regional High School to become Kildare Catholic College.


In 1968 Trinity Senior High School was established in the south west corner of the Mt Erin site.

Trinity educated boys and girls in Years 11 and 12. Pupils previously at Mount Erin High School and St Michael’s Regional High School enrolled at Trinity to complete their senior secondary education.

In 2003 Trinity closed and became part of Kildare Catholic College.


In 2004 Kildare Catholic College opened. It was one of two co-educational schools established to cater for Catholic secondary education in Wagga Wagga, the other being Mater Dei Catholic College, located at Lake Albert.

Kildare took over buildings previously used by Mount Erin High School and Trinity Senior High School.

Kildare also offers boarding facilities for both boys and girls. These are located in the Mount Erin Boarding School.